A Guide to Homosexual Sex

A lot of gay men find it hard to understand what kind of sex do they like. In fact, most men do not even understand if they want to be under or above their partner. Honestly, the answer is more complex than you think. Understanding your nature is more of a natural, emotional and spiritual investment than logical. This is because you are practically trying to re-invent yourself. The world has taught you to be in a certain way; however, that hasn’t worked out for you; and now, you are on your own to find out the way of life that suits you. This is why it is recommended that you look within yourself to find out your kind of position. Most men with a comparatively submissive side like to be under their partner. However, this changes from man to man. Invest in yourself, give yourself time and you will realize what you want.

Next, once you have realized what you want, it’s time to ensure a few things.

If you are bottoming, things can get really overwhelming for you. For example, large anal toys can be harsh on your hole and even lead to infections. Therefore, it is advised to start with toys that are easy and small. Use a lot of water based lube when you practice. Finally, go for the real dick only when you have practiced inserting things as thick and long as the real dick. Be ready to feel the pain, but the final results will be hot.

If you are going to be on top, you might have a loser erection that you expected. This is mostly because you feel anxious. Indulge in other sexual acts for a while, like kissing. This will bring you back into the form and ready to rule your partner’s ass. Also make sure that your partner is fit and comfortable with the size of your dick. Use water based lube for the best results. Use a condom for safer sex.

Sex Positions for Gay Men

  • Men on men action can be enjoyed best in the following positions:
  • Missionary
  • Doggy Style
  • Cowboy
  • Reverse Cowboy
  • Spoonig