A guide to Prostate Milking!

The male G-Spot or Prostate is often overlooked for health and pleasure, despite it being a very common area for health issues and is packed with thousands of feel good nerve endings. In face prostate massage can feel so good that many men are able to orgasm from this alone, reporting out of this world, full body orgasms.

Prostate massage / milking is becoming more widespread and with good reason. On top of helping reach some mind blowing orgasms it has a range of health benefits with more being discovered all the time.

What exactly can it help with?

Painful ejaculation – The prostates role is to produce male ejaculate fluid but sometimes blockages can occur. Massaging the prostate allows your body to drain out these fluids which can help with painful ejaculation issues.

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Erectile dysfunction – While many medications, pumps and toys have been developed to help with erectile dysfunction, one traditional method which is still commonly used today is prostate massage.

Urine flow – Your prostate surrounds your urethra, so if your prostate in inflamed it may be difficult or painful to pee. Prostate massage can reduce inflammation and reduce the problem.

Prostatitis – Prostate massage is thought to help prevent and somewhat treat Prostatitis. It is often used in combination with antibiotics or other medications for an effective treatment.

Enlarged prostate – Similar to prostatitis, combining prostate massage with the appropriate medications can help treat an enlarged prostate (Benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH).

It feels really good. – Seriously…really freaking good. It can take time to adjust to this, having a G-Spot orgasm is a bit trickier than just rubbing one out but have a read of our guide below and you will know all the ins and outs of it.

How do I do it?

The most basic way to do a prostate massage is with your finger

This can be tricky or even impossible for some as it can require some tricky angles and long fingers but If you’re up for giving it a try this way here’s what you should do:

Lie down and get comfortable, most beginners find it easier to lie on their back pushing their butt up in the air for easy reach, if you’re a yoga master you will have this covered but if not try laying with your legs up on a lounge arm rest or the head of your bed.

Use plenty of lubricant, we suggest a silicone based anal lubricant. Put it on your finger, put it on your but..basically just get liberal with it.

Crack out the porn, or whatever else turns you on. Remember this is supposed to be fun (and good for you!)

Stick your index or middle finger up your butt! Take your time, massage your hole and slowly make your way in. You are looking for a raised, slightly firmer area that has the texture of a soft wallnut. Everyones is a little different but there’s not a lot going on up there so we think you can find it.

Using small circular motions massage the prostate. You might feel some pressure and a little pleasure but there shouldn’t be any pain. Now try to focus on your porn, or your spank bank or basically anything sexy that’s not a finger in your butt. It can take a long time to orgasm from this the first few times, don’t be hasty, give yourself at least 20 minutes before you decide where you’re at. Many men will not achieve an orgasm with their finger alone, that’s why there are many incredible prostate toys on the market.

The best way to do a prostate massage is with the right toy!

There are all sorts of specialty prostate toys designed with your pleasure in mind, for those straight men that are averse to this because “they think it’s gay” you’re only hurting yourself. Also you may want to check what year it is and grow up, everyone deserves explosive anal pleasure, regardless of their orientation!

The advantage of using prostate toys are plentiful. The most obvious being the ergonomic shape that allows you to comfortably reach your prostate without having to bend your body at all sorts of weird angles. Many men even go as far as hands free prostate massage, achieved by inserting the appropriate toy and rocking back and forth on it.

Prostate toys come in vibrating and non-vibrating varieties. I personally prefer the vibrating but this really just comes down to taste.

As a bonus, many prostate toys also stimulate the perineum (GOOCH!) which basically feels great, we could do a whole other article on this alone but in short, your gooch is a huge source of pleasure and should not be ignored.

What about with a partner?

Pffftt..Yes! Having a partner massage your prostate with fingers, toys or uh.. anything else feels amazing. We just advise playing with yourself a few times first so you know what you’re comfortable with and what to expect.