Discreet Toys You Can Play with in Public

Remember being a teenager and having to sneak away to a dark corner of the school or a discreet parking place to have some fun with your significant other? Sex probably seemed a lot more dangerous, and a lot more exciting. Still, no matter what your age is, you can still get that naughty exciting feeling again with the help of some subtle little toys you can totally get away with using in public The best part is, you can play with these toys while you are single, or you can play with someone else. If you’re brave enough to give it a shot, here are some ideas for toys you can use in public.


Vibrators don’t have to be big clunky phallic things. “Bullet” vibrators can actually be quite discreet, like this super fun vibrator shaped like a tube of lipstick. You can put it in your purse before you leave the house, then take it out and show your clit a good time as soon as no one is looking. The best part is, it looks just like an ordinary lipstick. There are tons of different bullet vibrators that are small enough to smuggle anywhere and use discreetly, as long as you can keep a straight face.

If toys used externally are a bit risqué for you, there are also egg vibrators. These are powerful little egg-shaped toys you can stow inside your vagina and control with a remote. You can use these little guys in full view of someone else, and they never have to know. These are extremely useful if you frequently have to sit through boring meetings/shows/long waits.

Butt Plugs

Would you like a confidence boost while doing a job interview? Butt plugs work really well. They give you the power of knowing you have a naughty secret the interviewer doesn’t know. Butt plugs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find a titillating plug whether you are an anal play beginner or master. Slip one in before you go out, and walk around with a little Mona Lisa smile on. You are certain to have a good day, whatever comes your way.


If the above options seem a bit tame for you, there are always nipple and clitoris clamps. These are little clips you pinch onto your clit or nipples, often weighed down by a chain or little weights. These come in a variety of sizes and intensities, so you can experiment with different clamps to find which are the most pleasurable for you. Note that these are a bit less subtle than egg vibrators and butt plugs. The outline of a pair of nipple clamps will probably show up against your shirt. You can combat this by either wearing an extra layer or just accepting the stares that people give you with all the naughty grace of a sex god.

Toys are a great way to add spice to an otherwise boring day. People might even notice you starting to seem happier and more confident. If they ask why, tell them you’ve been working out, or tell them the truth if you think they can handle it.