Four Ways to Get Freaky this Spooky Season

For many people, October is a good time to try something new, maybe even a little bit scary, in the bedroom. Halloween is the holiday where you are allowed to dress and act like someone else, like a kinkier version of yourself! That is one reason to love this time of year. So, if you are one of the people who look forward to October for the opportunity to get a little freaky with your partner, here are some ways to add some spice to the holiday.

masks masquerade GIF


Have you ever wanted to attend a masquerade party for Halloween? Consider hosting a sexy masquerade party for just you and your partner. Pretend you and your partner are strangers, then use a mask and/or a blindfold to preserve your anonymity. The mystery of a mask adds an element of danger to your games, making it all the more fun!


Maybe you would like to be a Torturer and a Prisoner for Halloween and do some dungeon role play. The possibilities are endless with this theme, but rope or handcuffs are the most basic props you could use. The torturer can use these to ensure the prisoner is completely at their mercy. Add a gag into the mix, and the prisoner won’t even be able to call for help, not that they would want to. If both partners are up for it, a whip or paddle are also fun props to introduce. These come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the type of sensation you are looking for. Whatever you decide on, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a prop that will send the prisoner into a terrible ecstasy. Still not kinky enough? Take the torture up a notch with nipple clamps, an electro-play wand, or a pin-wheel. The prisoner won’t know whether to beg for mercy or beg for more!


Are you one of those people who likes to wear a tail and a pair of ears for Halloween and little else? No judgment here, animal costumes can be fun, easy, and sexy. They also bring all kinds of possibilities for the bedroom. Instead of getting a tail that you belt around your waist, consider getting a tail attached to a butt plug instead. Think of the fun you’ll have when your partner gives it a gentle tug. If you would like to add a little sub/dom play, consider using a collar and leash. That way, you, or your partner, will know what a cherished pet they are while they are wearing the collar.

Gender Swapping

If you and your partner are feeling really experimental, consider swapping genders. If you are in a male/female partnership, maybe you should try pegging. This is where the girl uses a strap on dildo to penetrate the guy’s butt. A lot of guys like having their prostates stimulated by the dildo and enjoy being penetrated by their partner. Some of these dildos also vibrate, which is an added bonus for women. Gender swapping is a great way to play around with power dynamics and treat your body to new sensations.

Halloween is a great time to shake things up with your sex life. Dressing up and pretending to be someone else frees you up to explore your kinkier side while being less worried about judgment from your partner. Just be sure to talk with your partner and get their consent before trying anything new, and especially if you are engaging in bondage play, discuss a safe word and gesture, so you know when to stop if things get too intense. Above all else, have fun and keep exploring to keep your sex life fresh.