Kegel exercises and your pelvic floor

What is it? Why should you do it? And how?

Working out your pelvic floor muscles will leave you looking ripped..well not quite, but for something so simple they have a host of other benefits that will benefit your life and most importantly your sex life.

How to tackle the exercises

For beginners: Find your pelvic floor muscles first. You can feel it if you try to stop the flow of urination or tighten the muscles that keep you from passing gas (farting).  You can do it everywhere even sitting in a boring meeting. Nobody will notice that. Or sitting in front of the TV with a glass of wine. Squeeze it, just squeeze it 10 – 15 times in a row. Try to relax, dont cramp up. When you get used to doing these exercises, you can hold each squeeze for few seconds. Add more squeezes but dont overdo it.

Strong pelvic floor muscles can increase sensitivity during sex and intensifies orgasms for women. Men can profit of the reduction of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

If you want to feel the result like you want to notice that something is happening down there. You should try doing these exercises with Kegel Balls. Trust me, its more fun then just squeezing your vagina without anything in it.

Kegel Balls come in different weights and sizes to help you train your delicate pelvic floor muscles. They don’t just provide you firmer and stronger muscles, but also pleasure. Intense pleasure just buy leaving them in you.

For beginners, try the smallest one and only one ball first. Buy the ones with a handle for pulling it out. Please dont buy those without any handle, you dont want to end up in the emergency because of pleasuring yourself. Dont forget to wash your hands and the pleasure item before you use it and use some lube. Just make sure you feel fine with the ball in you and it feels comfortable in your vagina canal.

Dare to wear it to work or anywhere you want, you will feel a subtle, tingly sensation. The feeling gets stronger with movement like walking, running or vibrations in general. Its hard to laugh or go up and down the stairs with high heels. JFYI. Once it is in, just keep squeezing with some  breaks inbetween obviously and just go on with your day and feel strong from the core of your vagina. Thats your energy right there.

If you feel more secure about yourself and you are ready for a challenge, buy those with two balls.

Kegel balls can be use for your own pleasure as stated before but you can also use it as a foreplay method. Or just wear it like your favourite parfum to a date, wear it to do the house work and surprise your partner with it. Just make sure to pull them out before you insert anything else in your vagina.

By the way if you are into anal sex, Kegel balls can provide you an instense sensation. Through the anal penetration the Kegel balls are pushing against your G-spot and most probably sending you to an orgasms heaven. So guys, if you want to try the Kegel balls yourself, I encourage you to do so. There is nothing wrong about keeping your pelvic floor healthy.

And the benefits?

Increase sensitivity during sex – Even the best sex can be better, having strong pelvic floor muscles will leave you extra sensitive when hands, dildos or anything else make their way to your love canyon

Pleasure during the day – Kegel balls can be worn during your everyday routines and they feel great! Looking for an extra buzz? Try running up the stairs or taking an extra bumpy road in your car, these little delights will pop up when you least expect them.

Helps prevent incontinence – Kegel exercises help strengthen your muscles around your bladder, vagina and anus. Which means that staying in control is just a flex away.

Helps treat constipation – Please don’t add laxatives to your diet, constipation can be kept in check with regular kegel exercises.

Helps control gas – The difference between farting in the elevator and waiting until you get out can be a big one.

Reduce discomfort during pregnancy – It’s no secret that pregnancy is hard on womens bodies, while they’re not the ultimate solution a strong pelvic floor from kegal exercises can reduce cramps and other issues that arise. It’s also great for getting your vagina back in shape after that new baby has wrecked the place.

Your are all smashing.