Pride around the world

It’s that season again, when the worlds LGBTIQ+ and their supporters take their rainbows to the streets to celebrate everything PRIDE. Take a look at some of the largest and most stunning events the world over.

Mardi Gras – Sydney, Australia

Mardi Gras, is an annual LGBT pride parade and festival in Sydney, Australia, attended by hundreds of thousands of people from around Australia and overseas. Based in Sydney’s famously gay friendly Oxford street, this parade captures the nations attention as one of the biggest party nights of the year.

PRIDE – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Despite tensions in the Brazilian LGBTIQ+ community over an increasingly conservative government, the Sao Paulo PRIDE Parade is still going strong with over 4 million attending.

Tokyo Rainbow Pride – Tokyo, Japan

A smaller parade with an average of 200,000 attendees Tokyo Rainbow Pride still goes all out featuring japana signature outrageous style and costumes.

PRIDE – Toronto, Canada

Canada brings the PRIDE goods with one of the largest festivals in the world. featuring several stages with live performers and DJs, several licensed venues, a large Dyke March, a Trans March and the Pride Parade.