Why Do We Need To Masturbate?

All of us do it. It’s fun, hot and so satisfying that it’s hard to resist when the thought crosses your mind. BUT, does flicking the bean and choking the chicken really help us? If you think about it, it’s 100% natural; and therefore, like any other natural gift, it should have more benefits than it’s side-effects. Right now, we are going to look at a few benefits of a bit of self love and hence feel proud the next time we do it!

Masturbation relieves stress

When we help our body with a release, our brain releases hormones that promotes relaxation and happiness in our mind and body. What triggers the de-stress hormones are the contractions that happen when you orgasm while masturbating.

Getting off helps you to sleep better, duh

Do you feel sleepy after you masturbate? It is mostly due to the distressing affect that masturbation has on our body. I, for one, fall asleep within seconds after I have a wonderful release. This has also helped me during the days when I am experiencing insomnia.

Masturbate to relieve pains and cramps

If you feel cramps in your thighs or region around your butts, then masturbation can help you in getting rid of it. PRO TIP: Drink a glass of water after you masturbate and you will be even more comfortable.

It can lead to better sex

With the right techniques, you can use masturbation as a practice to last longer during sex. A lot of people who suffer from premature ejaculation often find masturbation useful in gaining control over their release and satisfy the women. However, rough masturbation can decrease the sensitivity of the pussy and the dick. So, just be careful with your sex toys and grip.

It helps you to figure out what YOU want

There are a lot of thing that turn you on. However, when you masturbate, the things that are of the utmost importance come to your mind and imagination. So, in a more scientific and creative way, masturbation tells you the sexual things you like. For me, masturbation has helped me realize my kinks and fetishes.

Masturbation is more than a satisfaction. It is an emotion that uncovers several other emotions. For me, it is what has made me realize the kind of sex I need in my life. And the satisfaction followed.