Horror Movie Marathons for Halloween 2018

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Secret Lovejoy has everything you need for some Halloween fun between the sheets this year, but when you’re done with that snuggle up in your lovers arms and get ready for some of the best Halloween Horror Marathons hand picked especially for you. Pick your theme and settle in for a wild ride!


Is there anything better than Sex and Violence? These movies will freak you out and make you want to get your freak on all at the same time.

  1. Blue Velvet — A classic, indulgent flick to get you started. Blue velvet is as sensual as it is psychopathic. Thanks to an incredible performance by the inimitable Isabella Rosellini this movie will stick with you for years to come.
  2. Only lovers left alive — Following in the footsteps of interview with a vampire, Only lovers left alive is the pinnacle of cool, sexy vamprism. Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton and a great supporting cast pull this off effortlessly with enough swagger to seduce a horse. You’re going to feel cool (and maybea few other things 😉 )just for watching it.
  3. Neon Demon — This one is arguably more style than it is substance, but so much style! A gorgeous film that is impossible to look away from, Neon Dynamite targets the horror of the LA fashion industry with a healthy dose of stylized gore, bloodlust and sex…basically just the fashion industry.


A staple of horror movies, slashers provide gore, jump scares and of course bad decisions by sexy teens.

  1. Scream (the original) — The unrivaled leader of the slasher genre, Scream is the perfect balance of humour, gore, bad guys, who done it and naive decisions.
  2. Halloween — Jamie Lee Curtis’ first feature length film, she plays the (eventually) empowered victim of resident psychopath Michael Myers in this jolting and creepy classic slasher flic.
  3. Friday the 13th — Naive and promiscuous teens? Check. Immortal creepy killer? Check. Elaborate death scenes? Check. Friday the 13th is a perfect example of the Slasher Genre that rightly paved the way for countless spin offs and copycats.


What’s horror without a bit (or a whole lot!) of gratuitous gore. These movies push it to extremes earning the title Gorno (gore and porno).

  1. Saw — The movie that pushed the sub-genre into the mainstream. Combining twisted scenarios, psychological thrills, macabre scenarios and a healthy dose of gratuitous gore. Saw leaves the viewer feeling uneasy and a little bit queasy, in a good way..
  2. Planet Terror — A throwback to the Cronenberg greats this movie is beautifully disgusting. Not skimping on the blood, guts and bodily fluids, Planet Terror provides a gripping experience and is remarkably stylish considering everything I mentioned earlier.
  3. Hostel — The king of the gornos, hostel isn’t for the weak hearted (or stomached). Following a group of travellers as they are trafficked into a club where members can pay to kill, Hostel pushes things to the extreme while still being eerily believable.


For those that actually want to sleep this Halloween, these movies are technically horror but will leave you laughing instead of shaking. If any of the other marathons are too much maybe swap out one of these to finish on a lighter note.

  1. DEATHGASM — First of all, best title ever. I could leave it at that but this comedy horror from New Zealand has so much to give! A young metal band get’s tied up with the occult leading to some horrific yet hilarious consequences. Featuring a no-star cast of surprisingly great actors this will appeal to everyone with even the slightest dark side.
  2. Teeth — A funny concept leading to a brutal and dark film. Teeth isn’t your usual coming of age story, featuring a heroin who has grown sharp teeth inside her vagina. I won’t ruin the fun but this one will make you feel queasy at times, ponder some serious issues but still end up with a smile on your face.
  3. Scary Movie 1/2 — You can’t make a comedy horror list without it, Scary movie parodies all the horror classics with a very slapstick edge. Spawning a slew of copycats for all genres (none of which are worth watching). A must for fans of horror from the 90’s and 00’s.


They don’t make them like this any more. No cheap tricks or jump scares, masterful storytelling, suspense and genuine chills. These classics are from masters of film and are hard for modern horror flicks to live up to.

  1. The Exorcist — If you haven’t seen this one…just go, go and watch it right now! The only movie that still leaves me with chills and it was made in 1973. The exorcist is a masterfully made movie that would make even the skeptics in the room worry about possession.
  2. The Shining — “Here’s Johnny!” The Shining is as iconic as it is disturbing, arguably Stanley Kubrick’s greatest work The Shining explores the horror that is the human psyche. You can revisit this film again and again and keep finding new revelations, many of these have been documented in the spin off documentary “Room 237”.
  3. Psycho — Another deep dive into the horrors of the psyche, psycho follows the story of a criminal on the run from the law who discovers there are far worse things to be running from. Another iconic piece, Psycho is a beautifully shot exploration of a deeply disturbed mind.

Deeply Disturbing

For those who want to push their minds into the darkest of places this halloween here are some of the best movies that will leave you wondering why you did that to yourself.

  1. Martyrs — Depravity with a purpose? Maybe? I won’t ruin the story for this one but it starts with two abuse survivors who go on a revenge mission. The world they discover is more brutal than anything they (or I) could have imagined. There is plenty of gore and unsettling moments but the motivations are what will haunt you with this one.
  2. High Tension — Do yourself a favor and watch the original French cut of this one. It’s a serial killer driven, psychological thriller that is sure to throw you off after it has petrified you with its brutal murder scenes.
  3. The Babadook — A modern masterpiece and another film that delves deep into the human psyche. What happens when your childs fear of monsters is appropriate? The Babadook is a chilling, creepy and somewhat supernatural tale with an ending that will leave you pondering for days. This one had me literally on the edge of my seat for its entirety.

That’s all! If you think we missed any let us know in the comments below..

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