Why sex is good for your health

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As if you needed any more, here are 10 reasons to get down and dirty apart from feeling great.

10. Sex relieves pain

During sex your brain releases oxytocin, which scientists have shown can decrease your perception of pain by half!

9. Sex protects against the big C

According to research men who have regular sex are less likely to contract prostate cancer

8. Sex makes you skinny

30 minutes of regular sex burns upwards 200 calories, and we guarantee you’ll have more fun than going for a run.

7. Semen cures depression

One study found that women vaginally exposed to sex became less depressed, researchers believe mood-altering hormones found in semen are absorbed vaginally.

6. Sex can regulate your period

Women who have sex at least once a week are found to have a more regular menstrual cycle

5. Sex can improve your immune system

College students who have sex a couple of times a week have 30% more immunoglobulin

4. It increases bladder control

Sex is a workout for your pelvic floor muscles due to causing contractions. This makes it stronger meaning you’re less likely to experience incontinence

3. Improve your sleep life

When you orgasm prolactin is released, a chemical responsible for feelings of sleepiness and relaxation.

2. Sex stops you aging!

Well maybe not completely but a studies have shown during sex your bodies levels of DHEA are increased five fold. DHEA is a natural steroid known as the “anti-aging hormone” which is known to help you regenerate cells and stay young.

1. Sex causes more sex

Having sexcan boost your libido. Having sex increases blood flow, elasticity and lubrication all of which make sex feel better leading to you wanting even more!

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