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Nexus Ridge Rider Black

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New and improved! The Nexus Ridge Rider is a dual G or P spot and perineum massager that you’ll love! Made from phthalate free silicone it’s uniquely shaped to deliver delicious vibrations and stimulation to both areas. The shaft is ergonomically contoured and is ringed with small ridges for extra stimulation whilst the base is slightly curved to hug the undercarriage and the small nubs stimulate the perineum.
The quiet yet powerful motor boasts 6 individual vibration settings primed to deliver strong resonances straight to the spot to give you the ride of your life! Simply control by pushing the button on the base. Simply remove the inner motor to clean. To be used with water based lubricants only.

Cleaning your silicone sex toys

Silicone is a fantastic material for sex toys due to its non-reactive and non-porous nature (People are rarely allergic to it and it has no tiny holes for germs to grow in). Most silicone toys can be cleaned by following these one of these methods:

Soap and warm water

  1. Wash your toy with a combination of fragrance free soap and luke warm water, making sure to clean any ridges or bumps that can be easy to overlook.
  2. Pat dry with a clean towel and then leave out to air dry in a clean area.

Toy cleaner and powder (Recommended)

  1. Spray your toy with a toy cleaner spray, rub it in and give it a rinse, making sure to rinse off all the toy cleaner.
  2. Pat dry with a clean towel and then leave out to air dry in a clean area.
  3. Once your silicone toy is dry lightly powder it with a silicone renewing powder OR pure food grade cornstarch. (You don’t need to do this every time but it will keep the silicone supple, flexible and less likely to break)

Nexus creates high quality, functional sex toys made from optimal materials. Nexus prostate toys and butt plugs are second to none.

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    Great fun

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