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Our Sex Game

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Our Sex Game is a steamy board game for couples that is perfect to spark some sexy bedroom ideas.

On a board that sensually spells out S E X, pleasure intensifies from Seductive to Erotic and onto X-rated as you advance from one letter to the next. With each new level, roll to discover what you’ll be doing, where you’ll be doing it and who reaps the rewards!

The board is also loaded with OSG squares where you get to select a card describing increasingly sexy scenarios and intimate actions.

Begin by secretly writing down your ultimate sexual fantasy: Play to win as this becomes the winner’s prize! The many random combinations ensure you’ll both enjoy a different experience each time you play.

Whatever your journey Our Sex Game will ensure it’s filled with seductive, erotic and x-rated foreplay, building to an explosive climax!

Creative Conceptions specialise in sexy games for couples that turn the pleasure dial up to 11. The games will have you and your partner laughing and enjoying each other all the way to next level orgasms. Never run out of ideas in the bedroom again.

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1 review for Our Sex Game

  1. pmonaco

    I feel closer to my partner now

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