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The rise of the masturbator in 2019!

The rise of the masturbator in 2019!
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From humble beginnings at least as far back as ancient greece when men would use stale bread lubricated with olive oil to aid in getting off, the male masturbator (fleshlight) has come a long was in recent years with realistic and designer units flooding that market. Some of them have suction cups, some of them are shaped like a whole butt and some of them even do all the work for you! We take a look at the history of the male masturbator and its future as well as the plethora of penis play options at your fingertips right now.

Before we saw the (flesh)light men were quite the macgyvers when it came to getting off. Food based substitutes have been used like banana skins and watermelons, and who could forget the infamous scene in American pie where Jim mangled that poor innocent pie. A common solution was a warm towel with some vaseline or lubricant or even pillows, although we’re not quite sure how the latter worked. To see what not to do check out our article on D.I.Why sex toys for men. Sure this all “worked” but for a few thousand years things were pretty bleak, but fear not because with the spread of the internet came the spread of people around the world communicating their fantasies, and fantasies are nothing if not to be fulfulled. So a few great minds got to work making pocket pussys for men everywhere, they were fun but in 1995 Steve Shubin went and done changed the game with the much more realistic and perfectly named Fleshlight. Fleshlight became as iconic in the male masturbator market as Tupperware is to kitchenware market, Fleshlight became synonymous with the whole masturbator market.

The future is now

Some other serious competitors have entered the market including Tenga, Satisfyer and more with toys ranging from disposable to downright beautiful

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